Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start making candles? We wanted to have a product that we stood behind and at the same time can sell and have our staff sell to help with additional income during the State Mandated Covid Restrictions. 

How much does the staff get? We take $6 from every candle sold and put it into a fund that gets dispersed among our staff at the end of every month!

Do you ship the candles? Yes we currently offer shipping throughout the United States.

What types of wax is used in the candles? We use an Organic Soy Wax.

Can I donate empty cans that I have to your cause? We are only accepting new cans from breweries right now due to sanitation issues but Thank You for the thought!

Can I place a large order with your company directly? Yes. Please email all inquiries to

How long does my order take to ship? Please allow 5-7 days to process your order. Once it has been filled it will ship usually the next business day. Please note that due to Covid-19, carriers have been experiencing shipping delays.

Will I get my item before Christmas? All products purchased before the 18th of December are guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas.

Where are your candles made? Camp Nowheres Candles are all made in Rhode Island. Most are made by our current restaurant staff but we do have a few local Rhode Islanders that have stepped up to help.

What is your return policy? Please email and include your order number and phone number for all returns. All returns must be started within 30 days of purchase and will be resolved within 7 days.